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OpenTrons Liquid Handling

OpenTrons: Open-Sourced Liquid Handling for Wet-Labs

An open-source project is seeking funding on Kickstarter to build a low cost liquid handling robot for small, medium and garage sized laboratories. The project called OpenTrons seeks to create a cheap and easy-to-use liquid handling robot called OT.One that pipettes small amount of liquids faster and without error. Liquid handling in one of the most common […]

Hamilton Robotics Introduces VANTAGE Pipetting Platform for Labs

Hamilton Robotics, one of the leading laboratory automation solutions providers has recently introduced the new Hamilton VANTAGE liquid handling platform for laboratories. This new high throughput pipetting platform features an advanced linear motor design along with contact free NanoPulse pipetting technology that enables VANTAGE to operate in a wide volume range between 100 nL to […]

Eppendorf Launches Reference 2 Premium Pipettes

The new Reference 2 pipettes are the newest addition to Eppendorf’s liquid handling equipments. The Reference 2 pipette succeeds the company’s previously highly successful Reference pipettes. The new Reference 2 pipettes are premium lighter weight ergonomically designed pipettes. These pipettes have reduced operating forces and are available in both single channel and multichannel versions. The […]

Integra Biosciences Launches DOSE IT Peristaltic Pumps

Integra Biosciences, a leading provider of liquid handling solutions for laboratories has launched its DOSE IT peristaltic pumps for dispensing cell culture media. The new smart pump with different application methods and tubing can be programmed for dispensing liquids rapidly and accurately into almost any labware. The new compact DOSE IT programmable pumps are capable […]

Rainin Launches XLS+ Multichannel Pipettes

Mettler Toledo, the makers of Rainin pipettes have launched the new range of next generation multichannel pipettes for laboratories. The new manual Rainin Pipet-Lite XLS+ and electronic Rainin E4 XLS+ pipettes are ergonomically designed to minimize hand strain while ensuring highest channel-to-channel consistency. The new Rainin multichannel pipettes incorporate new internal designs and materials of […]