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Long-Lasting Hydrogel Derived from Sea Anemones

  A team of researchers from Pohang and Yeungnam Universities have created a mechanically durable hydrogel inspired in a sturdy protein found in anemones that allows their contraction and relaxation movements. The silk-like protein, derived from anemone’s tentacles, allowed to produce the aneroin hydrogel, which proved to be a good support and environment for cells. […]

Smart Band-Aids Made of Biocompatible and Elastic Hydrogels

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a new material to build intelligent band-aids. The elastic, sticky hydrogel can incorporate drug reservoirs and electronic devices that could measure skin temperature or detect drug levels, and respond by releasing more medicament or lighting up LEDs. The study was published in the journal Advanced Materials. […]

3D printing of embryonic stem cells in building blocks

  A new 3D printing method allows to obtain regular blocks of embyonic stem cells (ESCs) that could be used to build larger structures like tissues or organs. The researchers from Tsinghua University in Beijing and Drexel University in Philadelphia obtained uniform and homogeneous embryoid body structures that can facilitate further tissue growth. The study was published in the […]

New 3D Bioprinting Method Obtains Heart Model

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University have printed 3D models of hearts, bones, arteries and brains using soft biological materials. The models were based on 3D high-resolution images of real organs. The new technique solves the problems in using gels for bioprinting. The study has been published in the journal Science Advances. 3D printing has progressed […]

3D Printing of Brain-like Tissues to Improve Drug Tests

Scientists from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES) have developed a multi-layered structure of primary neural cells that imitates the brain structure. The finding, published in the journal Biomaterials, will improve the brain drug screening process by providing a better material to work in vitro than the ones currently used. The brain is […]

Fine-tuned Substrate Stiffness Key to Generating Functional Organ Buds

Japanese scientists have discovered a new, important factor for a successful in vitro generation of organ buds. According to this new study, the use of a hydrogel of moderate stiffness is very important for cell aggregation. Another critical factor are mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), which drive cell condensation. The organ buds where transplanted to mice and quickly vascularized and gave rise […]

Shapeshifting Phototrophic Hydrogels and More…

Bioengineers at University of California, Berkeley have developed a phototrophic hydrogel that can be manipulated using near infrared light. The phototropic hydrogels opens new avenues for research in the field of soft robotics, drug delivery systems and tissue engineering. This phototrophic hydrogel mimics the way plant cells respond to light and is made of a […]