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RNA Response to Drugs Visualized in Living Mice Brains

A Japanese research group has observed RNA dynamics in vivo for the first time. The researchers used a new method for high-resolution fluorescence RNA imaging, ECHO-liveFISH. This technique enabled the observation of nuclear RNA foci¬† in mice and chicks by RNA fluorescent labeling. This finding will help identify hot-spots of gene expression and compare expression […]

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Simple Method to Untangle DNA Found

Researchers have found an extremely simple way of untangling DNA by dragging a droplet of water mixed with DNA on a polymer treated glass slide. Even before the discovery of DNA researchers have tried to untangle DNA so that they can study it more effectively under a raman or optical microscope. Researchers at KU Leuven […]

High Speed 3D Imaging of Cells In-Vivo By Nobel Laureate

The winners of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry are reporting on another Nobel winning development in the area of cell imaging. The development enables high speed three dimensional in-vivo imaging of cells without damaging the structure of the cell or its components. Nobel Prize winning scientist Eric Betzig and a team of researchers from Janelia […]

QImaging Launches optiMOS sCMOS for Fluorescence Microscopy – a CCD Camera Alternative

QImaging has added another member to its extensive portfolio by launching the new optiMOS Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) camera. The new optiMOS sCMOS camera is specially designed to suit a wide range of fluorescence microscopy applications and also provides an alternative to CCD cameras. CCD cameras, due to their quantitative performance and sensitivity are found to […]

Leica FluoScout Tool to Ensure Better Fluorescence Microscopy

Leica Microsystems, leaders in microscopes and microscopy solution has launched a new online tool for selecting the right filter cube or filter set to achieve excellent imaging results in fluorescence microscopes. The Leica FluoScout is an easy to use online application incorporated with smart functions that automatically recommends filter cubes suitable for the fluorophore chosen […]

Leica Launches Two New Microscopy Cameras for Routine Imaging

Leica Microsystems, the leading manufacturers of optical instruments have recently launched two new cameras for routine imaging applications. The two cameras, Leica DMC2900 and Leica DFC3000G are designed for standard brightfield and fluorescence applications respectively. Both DMC2900 and DFC3000G comes equipped with sensors that allow live imaging at up to 30 frames per second, and […]