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A Small Flow-Cytometer with Full Clinical Capabilities

BD Biosciences has launched the BD FacsVia, a small flow-cytometer with full clinical capabilities like leucodepletion testing for blood product manufacturing. The FacsVia improves quality control and workflow efficiency, it has a small footprint and a low cost. The BD FacsVia has been designed with the idea of dealing better with problems like rising costs, new […]

iZon qmicro

qMicro by Izon Science for Analysis of Cells and Micro-scale Particles

Izon Science has launched a new bench-top equipment for analyzing cells and other micro scale particles. The new qMicro device is a simple, economical, robust and compact device that can be used for sizing and counting cells, an important task in many research studies. The new qMicro device adopts the company’s nano-scale measurement technology to […]

Beckman Coulter Launches PerFix Intracellular Staining Kits

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences has introduced two new reagent kits for intracellular staining. The new PerFix -Expose and PerFix-nc kits are specially designed for use on the company’s Gallios and Navios series of flow cytometers. It is compatible with all Beckman Coulter fluorochromes. PerFix-Expose phospho-epitope exposure kit facilitates the entry of fluorochrome coupled antibodies and probes into […]

BD LSRFortessa X-20 Compact Cell Analyzer for Complex Multicolor Experiments Launched

BD Biosciences has expanded its high performance research flow cytometer offering by launching the new BD LSRFortessa X-20 Cell Analyzer. The new BD LSRFortessa X-20 Cell Analyzer, with its advanced tools and increased sensitivity meets the requirements of the researchers and enables them to conduct complex experiments with additional parameters. The LSRFortessa X-20 Cell Analyzer […]

Brainstorm and Find New Uses of Microfluidic Droplet Sorter Tech on Marblar

Virginia Tech in partnership with Marblar is calling for new ideas for the university’s recently developed fluorescence activated microfluidic droplet sorter technology. Microencapsulation is the process of coating tiny droplets or particles to impart special properties. Droplets with encapsulated cells or beads have been widely used in biological and molecular engineering studies. There are different methods […]