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CpGenome Direct Prep

EMD Millipore Launches CpGenome Direct Prep Bisulfite Modification Kit

EMD Millipore, the life sciences division of Merck KGaA has introduced the new CpGenome Direct Prep Bisulfite Modification kit. This new kit allows bisulfite conversion of DNA from blood, cells, tissues and FFPE samples without any need for purification. The new CpGenome Direct Prep Bisulfite Modification Kit can be used to conduct bisulfite conversion to […]

EMD Millipore Launches Eshmuno A Media and Chromabolt Columns for Chromatography Applications

EMD Millipore, the life sciences division of Merck KgcA has added two more products to its chromatography portfolio by introducing Eshmuno A chromatography media and Chromabolt prepacked columns. The new Eshmuno A, designed for purification of monoclonal Antibodies (MAbs) and Fc-containing proteins is a rigid high capacity affinity chromatography media with acid and alkaline resistance. […]

EMD Millipore Launches Clarisolve Depth Filter for Clarifying Pretreated Feed Streams

EMD Millipore has introduced new Clarisolve depth filter with gradient density structure for fast and efficient clarification of high density pre-treated feed streams. The new Clarisolve filters are designed specifically for pre-treated feed streams by keeping their particle size distribution in mind. It is a single stage filter that eliminates the need for consecutive clarification […]

EMD Millipore Launches PluriSTEM Human ES/IPS Medium

The Life Science division of Merck KGaA, EMD Millipore has launched a new stem cell media for human pluripotent stem cells. The new PluriSTEM Human ES/iPS Medium is formulated for routine expansion of human embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells in feeder and serum free conditions with less frequent feeding and cell culture […]