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AutoGen Fully Automatizes DNA Isolation

In collaboration with Qiagen, AutoGen has launched the FlexStar, a nucleic acid extraction system that fully automates the process of extracting DNA from whole blood, tissues, cells or saliva. The new method reduces users potential errors and time dedicated to the task. AutoGen´s instrumentation is combined with Qiagen’s FlexiGene chemistry, a precipitation method that yields high-purity DNA […]

MagSi-DNA cleanFIX Kit for Purifying DNA Fragments

AMS Biotechnology, a UK based life science products and services company has launched MagSi-DNA cleanFIX kit for purification of DNA fragments. This new easy to use kit removes all unwanted reagents and side products from DNA sample in very less time. The new AMSBIO MagSi-DNA cleanFIX kit is capable of removing, buffers, enzymes, primers, primer […]

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NanoFacture DRS Makes Extracting DNA within Minutes Possible

The life sciences market has various DNA sequencing devices featuring different technologies and available at different price ranges. But all these devices need to be fed purified DNA samples for sequencing, and DNA separation and purification is one of the cumbersome, time consuming processes. The conventional protocols for DNA separation and purification also involve toxic […]