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Nanoreactors Increase Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Yield

Researchers from the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have developed an innovative cell-free protein synthesis system based on microfabricated reactors that produce therapeutic proteins on demand. The study was published in the journal Small. Cel-free protein synthesis (CFPS) technology allows producing proteins cheaply without the need of sustaining living cells. CFPS systems can be complemented […]

Pall Corporation Introduces XRS 20 Bioreactor System

The XRS 20 Bioreactor System recently introduced by Pall Corporation is a single use system for using the company’s own simple, single use Allegro 3D biocontainer. This next generation rocker bioreactor with unique agitation properties is suitable for cultivating and culturing mammalian cells in suspension culture. The Pall Corporation XRS 20 offers better mixing and […]