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AB SCIEX & Illumina Create a Multi-Omics Environment

AB SCIEX and Illumina are announcing OneOmics: a combination of Next Generation Proteomics (NGP) and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in existing cloud-computing environment. “The integration of proteomic and genomic data analysis through a partnership with AB SCIEX and Illumina is an exciting collaboration that will bring democratization of computational efforts, general access and standardization of data […]

Illumina Makes $1,000 Genome a Reality

Illumina has expanded its next generation sequencing portfolio by launching its NextSeq 500 and HiSeq X Ten Systems. . These new high throughput sequencer rapidly reduces the time taken for performing most popular genome sequencing to less than a day. The new Illumina NextSeq 500 system is a compact, economical desktop system packed with state […]

Illumina BaseSpace Offers Bioinformatics Apps

Illumina has made available the fully fledged commercial version of BaseSpace for customers. BaseSpace is a genomic cloud computing and storage platform with e-commerce facility for purchasing Illumina’s or other third party’s bioinformatics apps using BaseSpace iCredits. BaseSpace attracted more than 4000 apps during its beta stage providing a platform for bioinformatics app developers. Now […]