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Shimadzu’s New MALDI-7090 MS for Proteomics & Tissue Imaging Research

Kratos Analytical, a wholly owned subsidiary of Shimadzu Corporation has introduced new MALDI-7090 TOF-TOF tandem mass spectrometer for proteomics and tissue imaging research at ASMS 2013. MALDI-7090 combines the company’s MALDI-TOF-TOF with patented technology to offer ultimate identification and structural characterization of biomolecules. MALDI-7090 features an innovative ASDF (Axial Spatial Distribution Focusing) technology for high […]

Waters Corp. SYNAPT G2-Si MS Introduced at ASMS 2013

Waters Corporation has showcased a lot of interesting things at ASMS 2013 Conference being held at Minneapolis from June 9 to 13. The company introduced its latest Waters SYNAPT G2-Si Mass Spectrometer while offering previews of its UNIFI CCS Research Edition and TransOmics Version 2.0 informatics products for the new SYNAPT G2-Si MS. It also […]

Thermo Scientific Introduces Quantiva and Endura LC-MS Systems

Thermo Scientific has introduced a new generation triple quadrupole LC-MS platform along with Orbitrap Fusion Tribrid LC-MS system at ASMS 2013 Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics, being held from June 9 till June 13 at Minneapolis. The new platform integrates Thermo Scientific Quantiva triple stage quadrupole Mass spectrometer and Thermo Scientific Endura triple […]

PerkinElmer Introduces New-Gen AxION iQT Tandem Mass Spectrometer

PerkinElmer has introduced a new advanced AxION iQT gas chromatography tandem mass spectrometer (GC/MS/MS) at the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) 2013 conference happening in Minneapolis from June 9 to 13. The new AxION iQT system incorporates easy-to-use technology to provide faster results along with more specific selective data necessary for taking accurate decisions. […]

Thermo Fisher Orbitrap

Thermo Scientific Launches Orbitrap Fusion Tribrid LC-MS

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has launched a new liquid chromatography- mass spectrometry system that combines the company’s three mass analyzers. The new Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Fusion Tribrid LC-MS system features a novel Tribrid architecture by combining quadrupole, Orbitrap and linear ion trap mass analyzers into a single platform, offering remarkable depth of analysis of complex […]