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Veritas Genomics

It’s Here!! $1,000 Whole Genome Sequencing, With Results Browsable on Smartphones

Veritas Genetics has announced its $1,000 whole genome sequencing service whose results will be browsable on smartphones. The MyGenome service announced last year and set to be officially launching this month will give its clients and their physicians deep insights into their whole genome. Veritas Genomics is going one step ahead and making the genomic database […]

23andMe Gets FDA Authorization to Provide Limited Health Reports

The genetic testing company 23andMe has finally been authorized by the FDA to offer customers limited health reports. 23andMe offered genetic information from just a saliva sample, like ancestry and risk of contracting a series of diseases. In 2013, the FDA banned the company from releasing health information unless they were able to prove the accuracy […]

DNA motor

FDA Sponsors Crowdsourced Genomics Platform: precisionFDA

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in its attempts to play catchup to a new breed of genomics based companies and the burst of genomics tests, is setting up a new platform called precisionFDA in partnership with DNAnexus. Defined as  a new approach of regulating and evaluating bioinformatics workflows, precisionFDA will help FDA […]

Next Gen Seqencing Helix

Illumina Launches Helix, App Store for Genetic Analysis

Illumina announced formation of a customer focused company that seeks to provide affordable sequencing and analysis tools marketplace through third party providers at affordable costs. Formed in partnership with Warburg Pincus and Sutter Hill Ventures, with a $100 million investment, the new venture will form an umbrella under which other genetic sequencing database service providers […]

genetics database

23andMe Begins Sorting Through its Vast Genetic Database

With a genetic database of 850,000 people at its personal disposal and the newly hired ex-CSO of Genentech onboard, 23andMe is stepping into Biotech realm with the hopes of mining new drug targets. After getting into trouble with the FDA over its genetic future predicting $99 tests, 23andMe since then has began its stride towards […]


FDA Asks 23andMe to Stop its Services

23andMe, a personal genome sequencing service company has been directed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to desist from selling its genetic test kits to consumers as it hasn’t obtained marketing regulatory clearance from the governing body. The company’s DNA collection kit and Personal Genome Service (PGS) are classified under medical devices and it […]

Personal Genomics for Prophylaxis: Still a Long Way to Go

Personal Genomics is very common these days with thousands of people spitting and shipping back the kits ordered from the genetic testing firms where these samples are processed, analyzed and complete reports highlighting the findings are delivered to customers. The field of genetic testing has undergone drastic changes, starting with the Human Genome Project that […]