MO BIO Labs Launches a New Kit for Rapid Extraction of Microbial DNA from Swabs


MO BIO Laboratories Inc., a leading provider of nucleic acid purification solutions has launched a new kit for rapid mechanical lysis of microbial cells present on swabs, filter paper etc. The new UltraClean-htp 96 Well Swab DNA Kit is designed especially for isolation and purification of microbial DNA from low biomass and low inhibitor samples.

The new UltraClean-htp 96 Well Swab DNA Kit contains 4 bead plates, Solution SW1 and 12 sealing mats. The kit is capable of releasing microbial DNA from up to 96 swabs simultaneously in as less as 10 minutes for immediate PCR analysis. It is a ready to use kit and the solutions can be directly used in a PCR for conducting metagenomic analysis. The use of bead based homogenization ensures increased DNA release from the samples. MO BIO’s UltraClean-htp 96 Well Swab DNA Kit can be used with any master mix and enzymes, imparting more flexibly and reliability to the process.

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