Jeevan Biosciences Launches Neuro-X Tissue Culture Media

Jeevan Biosciences

Jeevan Biosciences Inc., a start-up involved in developing cellular models for cancer research, neurological disease research and drug testing has announced the commercial launch of its first product. Neuro-X Tissue Culture Media, a proprietary patent pending chemically defined media is the first 100 percent serum free and xeno free media available in the market.

The product, originally meant for culturing neuronal cells has the capacity to support growth of a wide variety of cells including but not limited to U87, HeLa, Neural progenitors, Raji, PSCs, Cancer Stem Cells, Foreskin Fibroblasts and 3T3 mouse cells. Serum is one of the most common contaminant that affects the reliability and reproducibility of results and Neuro-X, being serum free and xeno free greatly reduces the risk of contamination and addresses these issues.

Neuro-X is a proprietary DMEM/F-12 base media with no animal derived components and grows all types of human cells and tissues, and is also capable of effectively growing mouse cells and other tissue as well. The Neuro-X media by Jeevan Biosciences is priced at $199.00 per 500 ml.

Source: Jeevan Biosciences

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