Innocentive: Real-Time Milligram Quantity Weighing Technique

Measuring poweders

A challenge on Innocentive is calling ideas for measuring the weight of milligram-scale powders rapidly and with an accuracy that isn’t possible with the commercially available tools. Anyone who has spent a day in a wet lab knows very well that the success or reproducability of an experiment is almost always dependent on numerous milligram chemical ingredients; hence getting them right is essential. The unknown seeker is calling for theoretical ideas identifying technologies or mechanisms that enable highly accurate weighing of sub milligram-scale powders that are below the sensitivity of any scale or technique currently known. Rapid and accurate measurement of powders is mandatory in high throughput production environments such as drug screening, where this technology will be used. The seeker is looking at gravimetric or spectroscopic measurement accuracy of less than 5µg in less than 0.2 seconds.

For more details check out challenge details on Innocentive.

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