Illumina Launches TruSight One Sequencing Panel for Clinical Research

TruSight One Sequencing Panel

The picture reflects Illumina’s ongoing commitment for continuous improvement to further shorten the workflow time from four days at present to three days or even less in the future.

Illumina has launched the new TruSight One Sequencing Panel for use in clinical research laboratories. It is one of the broadest sequencing panels being offered in the market, targeting about 4,813 genes with associated clinical phenotypes. This panel can be used to expand the existing menus, streamline workflows or create an entire portfolio of sequencing options.

The TruSight One Sequencing Panel, in combination with the company’s VariantStudio analysis and reporting software provides simple and cost effective solution with increased productivity and reduced handling errors. The VariantStudio software enables family based filtering, variant classifications and can be used for readily generating ready-to-use reports. The TruSight One Sequencing Panel allows creation of dozens of virtual subpanels to fit the needs of clinical researchers working on understanding the genetic basis of a disease.

Source: Illumina

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