Illumina BaseSpace Offers Bioinformatics Apps


Illumina has made available the fully fledged commercial version of BaseSpace for customers. BaseSpace is a genomic cloud computing and storage platform with e-commerce facility for purchasing Illumina’s or other third party’s bioinformatics apps using BaseSpace iCredits.

BaseSpace attracted more than 4000 apps during its beta stage providing a platform for bioinformatics app developers. Now with the platform coming out of beta stage and addition of e-commerce facility, it is now possible for developers to monetize their apps and encourage development of more bioinformatics tools.

Encouraged by the rapid adoption, there are numerous apps for Illumina’s HiSeq NGS systems and MiSeq desktop sequencing systems offered on BaseSpace. It supports apps for genomics research in diverse markets including cancer, microbiology and genetic disease.  BaseSpace also provides an option for researchers to submit their data and manuscript directly to Elsevier Life Sciences’ Genomic Data journal for review.

Source: Illumina

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