Hanna Instruments Launches the Most Attractive Portable Lab Meter

Portable DOC conductivity meter

Leading analytical instrument manufacturer, Hanna Instruments announced the launch of edge® at the Internationale Messe für Pharma Chemie Biotechnologie in Basel Switzerland. Edge is a handy laboratory meter that handles measurement of multiple liquid parameters at an incredibly affordable cost by serving as both a desktop meter and a portable lab meter. It comes in a smartphone like form, equipped with a large LCD display, large captive buttons and an easy to use interface.

Edge comes packed with multiple features such as a pH, dissolved oxygen and electrical conductivity meters. Unlike portable meters from Mettler Toledo or Metrohm, edge measures the above combination of parameters at an affordable cost and in a package that does not make the user standout like a geek, if used in public. Edge can be connected to a computer via a standard micro-USB or the data can be exported to a standard USB drive from its internal storage. It is designed to be used both indoors in standard mode as well as outdoors in basic mode as a portable lab ph meter or to measure dissolved oxygen concentration or electrical conductivity.

Digital Electrode

The edge connects to state of the art digital pH electrodes via 3.5 mm jack. It comes with a built in microchip that saves important info such as sensor type, calibration info and ID. The meter automatically retrieves this info when it is plugged in. It notifies the meter in real-time if there is a breakage in the electrode glass during calibration or measurement. It comes with a benchtop cradle with swivel arm that keeps the electrode at an optimum viewing angle.

For more information about edge and its specifications, click here. Check out the full press release here.

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