DNA-In® from AMSBIO, an Optimized CRISPR Reagent


Efficient plasmid delivery with DNA-In®. Credit: AMSBIO.

AMSBIO has launched a new transfection reagent that facilitates the delivery of large plasmids for gene editing inside cells that are particularly difficult to transfect .The DNA-In® system will be very useful for researchers trying to generate disease models.

Dermal-Fibroblasts-DNA-In-CRISPRCRISPR/Cas9 is the latest great innovation in gene editing and is currently widely used by labs worldwide to modify the genome of cell lines and thus study the resulting phenotype. With CRISPR/Cas9, in vitro genetic disease models are generated quickly and accurately compared to previous gene editing techniques. Still, some problems remain when trying to transfect large plasmids or when working with certain cells.


DNA-In® vs L2K transfection. Credit: AMSBIO.

To overcome those issues, AMSBIO has launched DNA-In® CRISPR, a reagent specially formulated to transfect large plasmids – that contain Cas9, gRNAs and a reporter – in cell types resistant to transfection. DNA-In® has low toxicity and can complement existing AMSBIO human and mouse genome editing kits or services for the generation of disease models.

Source: AMSBIO