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A smartphone accessory to detect sickle cell disease

A team of scientists from four top American universities have developed a smartphone attachment that allows to detect sickle cell disease. The 3D printed device uses the phone´s camera and an application. Composed of magnets, a microcapillary and optical components, it can detect the density of red blood cells in deoxygenated conditions and thus identify the […]

Next Gen Seqencing Helix

Illumina Launches Helix, App Store for Genetic Analysis

Illumina announced formation of a customer focused company that seeks to provide affordable sequencing and analysis tools marketplace through third party providers at affordable costs. Formed in partnership with Warburg Pincus and Sutter Hill Ventures, with a $100 million investment, the new venture will form an umbrella under which other genetic sequencing database service providers […]

Big Pharma to Get Apple’s ResearchKit Into Their Clinical Trials.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Purdue Pharma have declared their interest in Apple´s ResearchKit platform to gather medical data from iPhone users. The big pharmaceutical companies see it as an opportunity to engage patients into data collection. This tool could help them better direct their multi-million investments in potential therapies. ResearchKit was presented in March. It is an open-source software framework that helps collects iPhone user´s medical data. Apple´s aim is to […]