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Bruker Presents New Scientific Instruments at Analytica 2016

Bruker Corporation introduced new scientific instruments and analytical solutions at the Analytica Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology held this month in Munich. The new tools improve sensitivity and productivity in the pharmaceutical, applied and industrial markets. Applied and Pharmaceutical Markets The SENTERRA II is a Raman microscope with various acquisition modes to optimize spatial resolution […]

beckman AUC

Beckman Presented the Optima AUC at Analytica

Labcritics attended the Analytica International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis and Biotechnology held in Munich this month. We witnessed the presentation of Beckman’s Optima AUC, a next generation analytical ultracentrifuge with improved optics and software. The new Optima AUC can be operated through a touch-screen installed on top of the centrifuge. The new software […]

Patient iP Secures $2 Million Investment

Patient Identification Platform (PatientiP), a provider of clinical trial matching technology, has obtained $2 million in a Series A investment round. The company aims to facilitate the recruitment of individuals for clinical trials, which has become increasingly difficult due to complicated selection criteria, enrollment procedures and timelines. It is calculated that 50% of clinical trials […]

Mykrobe Predictor Software Identifies Antibiotic Resistance

Researchers from the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics have developed a new software that predicts antibiotic resistance in bacteria by analyzing their genome. The new tool, called Mykrobe Predictor, was tested in Staphylococcus aureus and Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and the results were similar to common phenotypic tests. The study has been published in Nature Communications. The increase in bacterial […]

Machine Learning is Now Closer to Human Learning

Researchers from the Massachussets Institute of Technology, University of Toronto and New York University have developed an algorithm that allows machines to learn like humans, in a faster and more creative way. The computers were able to recognize and reproduce visual concepts from just a few examples. The findings were published in the journal Science. Machines can […]

Robotic Lab Offers Now CRISPR Gene Editing

The robotic laboratory Transcriptic will add CRISPR gene editing to its services. Apart from the wet lab part of the job, Transcriptic offers CRISPR library design algorithms thanks to a collaboration with the London based software company Desktop Genetics. Transcriptic is a Californian company that offers a fully automated cell and molecular biology laboratory. Research […]

A smartphone accessory to detect sickle cell disease

A team of scientists from four top American universities have developed a smartphone attachment that allows to detect sickle cell disease. The 3D printed device uses the phone´s camera and an application. Composed of magnets, a microcapillary and optical components, it can detect the density of red blood cells in deoxygenated conditions and thus identify the […]