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Bruker Presents New Scientific Instruments at Analytica 2016

Bruker Corporation introduced new scientific instruments and analytical solutions at the Analytica Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology held this month in Munich. The new tools improve sensitivity and productivity in the pharmaceutical, applied and industrial markets. Applied and Pharmaceutical Markets The SENTERRA II is a Raman microscope with various acquisition modes to optimize spatial resolution […]


Gabriel Ortega: “How Do Halophiles Endure Extreme Salinity?”

The slow but unstoppable progress of evolution has enabled, step by step, mutation after mutation, the conquest of virtually all ecosystems on Earth. Even in those places where conditions are far from “standard”, where the presence of organisms seems unthinkable, life has found its way. These small conquerors are called extremophiles. Thus we find thermophilic organisms that […]

From Russia with Love… for Science

Labcritics presents a lengthy interview with Elizaveta Katorcha, a Russian scientist working in the US. The structural biologist and X-ray spectroscopist talks about her love for biology since she was a child, her interest for systems and logic, soviet-style education, her hunger for knowledge, her role models and much more. Read the wise words of this […]

Diamonds Increase Sensitivity of NMR and MRI

Researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and the University of California (UC) Berkeley have hyperpolarized carbon-13 nuclei in diamonds at room temperature and using microwaves. The signal of the hyperpolarized spins showed a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)/magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) signal several times higher than the one obtained by standard magnetic […]