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forma environmental chamber

New Environmental Chambers by Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific has released a range of chambers with a unique airflow system that regulates environmental conditions above and below room temperature. The chambers are designed to test drug stability and shelf-life, study insects or to store reagents. The new range includes three environmental chambers. Two of them, available in 311 L and 821 L, are […]

Olympus CKX53

Olympus Launches the New CKX53 Culture Microscope

Olympus has launched the CKX53 Culture Microscope. Its main features are a reliable color reproducibility, a compact design, user-friendly operation and quick cell observation thanks to a new phase contrast system. Several research fields -regenerative medicine, drug discovery- rely on continous cell culturing. During these processes, the cells have to be observed to check culture […]

chemagic 360

DNA/RNA Isolation by Magnetic Separation: Chemagic 360

PerkinElmer has launched the Chemagic 360 instrument for automated nucleic acid isolation from blood, saliva or plasma. The Chemagic can work with a wide range of volumes (10 µl-10 ml) and throughputs (1-96 samples per run). It has a compact design (80 x 80 x 90 cm L/W/H) and can be integrated with liquid handling […]

nicoya spr-xt surface plamon resonance

Nicoya Launches New Surface Plasmon Resonance Instrument

Nicoya Lifesciences has launched OpenSPR-XT, a new, affordable, fully-automated surface plasmon resonance instrument. OpenSPR-XT can provide affinity, kinetics and specificity measurements for proteins, antibodies, nucleic acids and small molecules. The spectrophotometer was presented at PepTalk 2016 (The Protein Science Week) in San Diego, CA. Nicoya Lifesciences is a nanotechnology company that produces sensors. The OpenSPR line of […]

2D matrix barcode reader thermo fisher

Thermo Fisher Launches Matrix 2D Barcode Reader

Thermo Fisher Scientific has released a barcoded latch rack and a wireless barcode reader. The new products aim to improve sample identification, tracking, collection and storage. The official launch will take place at SLAS2016 (Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening). The Matrix 2D barcoded tubes identify an individual sample and are paired with linear and […]

stem cells from blooddrop

Cancer will be Detected with a Simple Blood Test

Illumina has announced the launch of its spin-off Grail, a company dedicated to implement cancer screenings based on blood tests. Grail will use Illumina’s sequencing technology to detect several cancer types by checking the nucleic acids in the blood. The new test would allow early cancer detection in asymptomatic people, dramatically reducing cancer-related death by treating individuals […]

takaraclontech logo

Clontech Gesicles Improve CRISPR/Cas9 Performance

Clontech has launched the Guide-it CRISPR/Cas9 Gesicle Production System, a new technology that improves CRISPR/Cas9 delivery and reduces its footprint. Cas9 endonucleases and target-specific sgRNAs are encapsulated in cell-derived nanovesicles that can target different cell types via surface glycoproteins. The new system avoids constant Cas9 expression, avoiding off-target effects, and enhances Cas9 delivery to all sorts of […]

New Cell Line Produces Critical Component for Organoid Cultures

Trevigen has released a cell line that produces a fundamental element for propagating organoid cultures. The HA-R-Spondin-Fc293T cells can be used to obtain Roof plate specific Spondin-1 (R-Spondin 1 or RSPO1) as well as RSPO1 media. RSPO1 is critical for the support and proliferation of organoid progenitor stem cells from mice and humans. RSPO1 has been succesfully used to produce stem […]