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3D Printing of Brain-like Tissues to Improve Drug Tests

Scientists from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES) have developed a multi-layered structure of primary neural cells that imitates the brain structure. The finding, published in the journal Biomaterials, will improve the brain drug screening process by providing a better material to work in vitro than the ones currently used. The brain is […]

First Genetic Link to Depression Found

For the first time in history, scientists have found two genetic variants linked to major depression disorder (MDD). The study, published in Nature, has been received with mixed feelings respect to its relevance. The two loci variants, located in chromosome 10, cause people a 1% increase of risk of developing MDD. Depression is one of the […]

Laboratory Mini-brains Help Understanding Idiopatic Autism

Based on studies on lab-grown cerebral organoids, autism could be linked to an excess of inhibitory neurons. Brain models derived from the skin cells of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) patients allowed to study molecular changes during brain development. An upregulation of transcription factor FOXG1 and the concomitant overproduction of GABAergic neurons could contribute to ASD. The finding from […]

A Window With a View of a Live Brain

A group of researchers from Johns Hopkins University have found a way to follow brain activity in real time. Through a small window in a mouse head, Rick Huganir and colleagues can watch molecular changes while the animal engage in a given observable behavior. The technique, called “brain activity mapping through imaging”, could mean a […]

RNA Response to Drugs Visualized in Living Mice Brains

A Japanese research group has observed RNA dynamics in vivo for the first time. The researchers used a new method for high-resolution fluorescence RNA imaging, ECHO-liveFISH. This technique enabled the observation of nuclear RNA foci  in mice and chicks by RNA fluorescent labeling. This finding will help identify hot-spots of gene expression and compare expression […]

MultiSEM 505

World’s Fastest SEM Announced by ZEISS

ZEISS is announcing the launch of the world’s Fastest Scanning scanning electron microscope at the upcoming annual Neuroscience meeting in Washington. The ZEISS MultiSEM 505 has 61 beams working in parallel and a capture speed of 1220 megapixels per sec, with each pixel 4nm in size. Instead of using a single electron beam like most other SEM’s, the […]