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New Method Uses Magnetic Levitation to Separate Polymorphic Crystals

Many organic substances have the property of forming multiple crystal structures. These multiple crystal structures of the same compound are known as polymorphs. As the crystal structure varies, many physical properties of the substance, including solubility and rate of dissolution also varies. When it comes to crystalline pharmaceuticals, variations in solubility and rate of dissolution […]

DNA Used to Assemble Graphene Transistors

Engineers at Stanford have reported using DNA for the very first time to create Graphene transistors. The researchers used the biological properties of DNA to assemble parts of an electronic circuit. Using DNA as a template the researchers assembled graphene into transistor building blocks, overcoming a big hurdle that researchers have faced till. Silicon based […]

Nano-coated Vaccines may Eliminate the Need for Cold Chain

It is necessary to store vaccines in refrigerated conditions in order to prevent them from degrading. Maintaining low temperatures during transportation and storage of vaccines in remote areas and lesser developed countries is a big challenge. The lack of refrigeration leads to deterioration and wastage of these precious life saving vaccines, leaving a lot of […]

AC-ESTEM Tech Allows Visualization of Atoms in Live Catalytic Reactions

The researchers at York JEOL Nanocentre at the University of York have developed a technology that allows them to visualize atoms, small clusters and nanoparticles while they are undergoing reaction. This breakthrough technology will be instrumental in understanding the reaction dynamics of catalysis and other reactions involving nanoparticles. In a collaborative research project involving various […]

Researchers Transform Cement to Semiconductor

The scientists seem to have stumbled upon the equivalent of philosopher’s stone for the electronic industry. They have found a way to transform liquid cement into liquid metal, making cement a semi conductor that can be used for manufacturing various electronic components, protective coatings and films. The research conducted by a multinational team comprised of […]