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A Small Flow-Cytometer with Full Clinical Capabilities

BD Biosciences has launched the BD FacsVia, a small flow-cytometer with full clinical capabilities like leucodepletion testing for blood product manufacturing. The FacsVia improves quality control and workflow efficiency, it has a small footprint and a low cost. The BD FacsVia has been designed with the idea of dealing better with problems like rising costs, new […]

MinION + Raspberry Pi

Combining MinION with Raspderry Pi Gives a Portable Pathogen Detector

Researchers at Genome Analysis Center in Norwich, England are ­working on combining MinION USB gene sequencers with Raspberry Pi to create portable real-time DNA sequencers. NinION + Raspberry PI + Kontaminant While Oxford Nanopore MinION’s small read lengths and high error rates have meant that it cannot replace bench sequencers anytime soon, it could soon […]

Microsaic Systems Shrinks Mass Spectrometry Using MEMS

Microsaic Systems announced the launch of the advanced 4000 MiD™ Mass Spectrometer at the recently concluded Pittcon 2014 Conference in Chicago.  By integrating key MS technologies into MEMS chip technology, it is possibly the smallest and the most advanced MS device until now. This breakthrough allows use of MS in any laboratory setting, thanks to […]

Cutting-Edge Excellence Analytical Balances from METTLER TOLEDO

Users can now enjoy analytical weighing with the weighing expertise of METTLER TOLEDO’s innovative Excellence Analytical Balances. This new line of analytical balances with its intelligent features focuses on high process security, full regulatory compliance as well as outstanding weighing performance. The built-in StatusLight indicator shows the status of the balance: green being ready, yellow […]

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Hanna Instruments Launches the Most Attractive Portable Lab Meter

Leading analytical instrument manufacturer, Hanna Instruments announced the launch of edge® at the Internationale Messe für Pharma Chemie Biotechnologie in Basel Switzerland. Edge is a handy laboratory meter that handles measurement of multiple liquid parameters at an incredibly affordable cost by serving as both a desktop meter and a portable lab meter. It comes in […]