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Analytik Jena Presented SmartExtraction for DNA Isolation

Analytik Jena presented at Analytica the automated DNA extraction method SmartExtraction. The new system combines a patented extraction chemistry (DC-technology) and an intelligent pipette tip, eliminating the need for extra materials or specialized equipment like centrifuges, vacuum stations or magnets. The DC-Technology doesn’t need phenol/chloroform, ion exchanger,  spin-filter columns or silica or magnetic particle suspension.  […]

2D matrix barcode reader thermo fisher

Thermo Fisher Launches Matrix 2D Barcode Reader

Thermo Fisher Scientific has released a barcoded latch rack and a wireless barcode reader. The new products aim to improve sample identification, tracking, collection and storage. The official launch will take place at SLAS2016 (Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening). The Matrix 2D barcoded tubes identify an individual sample and are paired with linear and […]

red algae

Global Seaweed Shortage Forces Companies to Ration Agar

A global shortage of red algae seaweed has forced Thermo Fisher Scientific to ration supplies of agar, the growth medium used in laboratories to culture bacteria and fungi. Merck has stopped selling it as a raw material, although keeps selling it as dehydrated culture media. The lack of availability is due to fluctuating seaweed yields […]

DNA-In® from AMSBIO, an Optimized CRISPR Reagent

AMSBIO has launched a new transfection reagent that facilitates the delivery of large plasmids for gene editing inside cells that are particularly difficult to transfect .The DNA-In® system will be very useful for researchers trying to generate disease models. CRISPR/Cas9 is the latest great innovation in gene editing and is currently widely used by labs worldwide to modify […]

3D Printing is not Innocuous for Health

Researchers from the University of California, Riverside have discovered that the material in some 3D printed objects is surprisingly harmful to living things. The finding happened unexpectedly when a team member designed and used 3D printed objects for her research with zebrafish embryos, which died shortly after being in contact with the objects. The study […]

NEB Renews its Support to Shared Lab Space LabCentral

New England Biolabs (NEB) has confirmed the renewal of their financial support for LabCentral, the shared laboratory space for biotech startups in Boston. Both companies are commited to mentor high-potential business and research ideas in the biological sciences. LabCentral is a research facility located in Kendall Square, Cambridge. Surrounded by a top class research environment, the […]

A Non-Toxic DNA Stain for Super Resolution Microscopy

Scientists from the Échole Polytechnique Fédérale de Laussane (EFPL) have created a new DNA stain that can be used in live cells. The far-red DNA stain, called SiR-Hoestch, is non-toxic, works for different cell types and can be used in super-resolution microscopy. These characteristics make it suitable for live-cell imaging. The work has been published in Nature Communications. […]

New Labeling System to Avoid Errors and Improve Lab Productivity

Errors in vial identification cause serious problems in the laboratory like loss of samples, messed up experiments or waste of reagents. In the worst case scenario, it can lead to wrong conclusions, false data and loss of credibility. Thermo has developed a new labeling system aimed to diminish the probabilities of wrong labelling. Their new technology, […]