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Xenopat: Your Tumor in a Mouse

Labcritics visited Xenopat, an innovative company dedicated to the orthotopic implantation of human tumors in mice. This technology allows Xenopat to offer services to companies developing new anticancer drugs and personalized cancer treatments. We had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Anna Portela, CEO and co-founder, and Dr. Alberto Villanueva, CSO and co-founder. For more […]


Núria Montserrat: “The Enviroment Is Fundamental for Success”

Labcritics presents an interview with Núria Montserrrat, Junior Group Leader at the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia. The talented young woman shares with us her love for research, the college years, the hard -but enjoyable- PhD, the very demanding postdoc with cell-reprogramming phenomenon JC Izpisúa-Belmonte and the current days as independent researcher in the exciting […]

The Bucaramanga Giant Who Crossed the Atlantic for Science

Jhon Alex Rodriguez Buitrago is a Colombian structural biologist who left his country to pursue a scientific career that has already taken him to Spain, Belgium and the Czech Republic. In love with evolution, positivism, Richard Dawkins and biophysical techniques, Jhon Alex talks about his life in the countries with the best beer in the world, strategically chosen […]

From Russia with Love… for Science

Labcritics presents a lengthy interview with Elizaveta Katorcha, a Russian scientist working in the US. The structural biologist and X-ray spectroscopist talks about her love for biology since she was a child, her interest for systems and logic, soviet-style education, her hunger for knowledge, her role models and much more. Read the wise words of this […]

The Life of a Postdoc in Singapore

Over the past decade, I shared countless experiences with David Castaño at the Structural Biology Unit of CIC bioGUNE,. He was certainly my greatest support during my four years in Vizcaya, where I completed the Ph.D. I started in Barcelona. David is the classical golden boy in the lab, the one who, in the words of our supervisor, […]

An Interview with Gilbert Faure on Knowledge Management

Labcritics was at Science & You 2015 in Nancy, France. One of the most interesting workshops we attended, in the Science Communication and Digital Technologies topic, addressed Open Knowledge Management.  We contacted the lecturer, Gilbert Faure, MD, PhD, immunologist with almost 400 publications and knowledge management and digital curation expert. Dr. Faure was extremely nice […]