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EMD Millipore Launches Clarisolve Depth Filter for Clarifying Pretreated Feed Streams

EMD Millipore has introduced new Clarisolve depth filter with gradient density structure for fast and efficient clarification of high density pre-treated feed streams. The new Clarisolve filters are designed specifically for pre-treated feed streams by keeping their particle size distribution in mind. It is a single stage filter that eliminates the need for consecutive clarification […]

Bruker Launches New Ultra High Resolution maXis HD QTOF System

Bruker Corporation, the leading manufacturer of high performance scientific equipments has launched a new Ultra High Resolution Quadrupole Time-of -Flight (UHR-QTOF) system for top down proteomic analysis and biopharmaceutical characterization. The new maXis HD UHR-QTOF launched at the 12th Human Proteome Organization World Congress offers the best in class full sensitivity resolution of over 75,000 […]

New Method Uses Magnetic Levitation to Separate Polymorphic Crystals

Many organic substances have the property of forming multiple crystal structures. These multiple crystal structures of the same compound are known as polymorphs. As the crystal structure varies, many physical properties of the substance, including solubility and rate of dissolution also varies. When it comes to crystalline pharmaceuticals, variations in solubility and rate of dissolution […]