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An Exclusive Scientific Meeting Gives Birth to the Genome Project-Write

A select group of researchers from top American universities gathered last month in an invitation-only meeting at Harvard to discuss the need of technology and an ethical framework for genome-scale engineering. The conclusions are now presented in a paper published in the journal Science, where they propose to start the Human Genome Project–Write (HGP-write). In this call […]

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Somagenics Secures NIH Funding for Degraded RNA Quantification Technology

Somagenics, a biotech company specialized in small RNA technologies, has received a second NIH grant to develop a method to quantify mRNA from degraded samples. The resQ-RNA is a quantitative real-time PCR of fragmented samples. The I-SBIR grant will be used to fund assays with a whole new range of RNA targets, including transcripts involved in […]

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Lab Wars, the Card Game Inspired by Research

A postdoc from the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge and a clinical psychologist from the University of Hertfordshire have conceived a card game based on life in a research laboratory. With the game, the authors want to bring the general public closer to the reality of being a scientist, focusing on the competitive and human aspects of this professional career. […]

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Nanopore Diagnostics Raises $600000 to Develop the iNDxer

American startup Nanopore Diagnostics has raised $600000 to develop The iNDxer, a device to detect bacterial infections. The money, provided by the Missouri Technology Corporation and other minor investors, will be allocated to conduct clinical trials that will validate the use of the Nanopore Diagnostics’ device by physicians. Nanopore Diagnostics CEO Tom Cohen was mistakenly […]

PLOS Launches Research-on-Research Section to Increase Transparency

The open-access scientific journal PLOS Biology has launched a section dedicated to research on research. The new section will analyze how research is designed, executed, communicated and evaluated. With this initiative, PLOS aims to regain public confidence in the scientific method after too many cases of irreproducible research. According to several meta-research articles, US$200 billion are spent […]

Cella Medical Solutions wins Adecco Award

The Spanish 3D printing company Cella Medical Solutions won the Adecco “Idea Joven Más Brillante” 2015 Award to the brightest idea from a young entrepreneur. With the €10000 award, the human resources company recognizes the efforts of innovative startups from Spain. Cella Medical Solutions is a recently constituted company that intends to print organ replicas in 3D for surgery planification […]

NEB Renews its Support to Shared Lab Space LabCentral

New England Biolabs (NEB) has confirmed the renewal of their financial support for LabCentral, the shared laboratory space for biotech startups in Boston. Both companies are commited to mentor high-potential business and research ideas in the biological sciences. LabCentral is a research facility located in Kendall Square, Cambridge. Surrounded by a top class research environment, the […]

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The Rise of CRISPR Based Startups

CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology seems to be the only thing that everyone is talking about nowadays and maybe the only thing researchers want to work on. Ever since its discovery in 2012, it has shaken the world of research and astonished researchers and everyone alike with the dream of eradicating any disease at the genetic […]