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Grail Hits Unicorn Status with $1 Billion Capital for Blood Cancer Test

Illumina owned startup, Grail has announced that it is in the process of raising more than $1 billion in venture capital to invest in its cancer detection test and it split from its parent company. If Grail succeeds in raising $1 billion in its second round of financing, this would for the first time put a […]


Xenopat: Your Tumor in a Mouse

Labcritics visited Xenopat, an innovative company dedicated to the orthotopic implantation of human tumors in mice. This technology allows Xenopat to offer services to companies developing new anticancer drugs and personalized cancer treatments. We had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Anna Portela, CEO and co-founder, and Dr. Alberto Villanueva, CSO and co-founder. For more […]

Sci-Hub Founder Fighting to Keep Pirated Repository of Academic Papers Alive

The founder of Sci-Hub is fighting an uphill battle against publishing giants like Elsevier to keep the pirate website running over a recent temporary injunction granted in favour of the publisher. Sci-Hub, a completely open access repository of academic papers, has become a lifeline of hundreds of students across the world. However, its future is […]


Núria Montserrat: “The Enviroment Is Fundamental for Success”

Labcritics presents an interview with Núria Montserrrat, Junior Group Leader at the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia. The talented young woman shares with us her love for research, the college years, the hard -but enjoyable- PhD, the very demanding postdoc with cell-reprogramming phenomenon JC Izpisúa-Belmonte and the current days as independent researcher in the exciting […]

The Ultimate Neuronal Activity Sensor is Here

I made my PhD in the field of neuroscience, more specifically in neuroimaging. But contrary to what the term might suggest to many we didn’t focus on the brain as a whole but on the activity responses of single neurons. To be able to characterize its activity patterns we made use of 2-photon microscopes, a […]

CRISPR plasmid storage

Addgene’s Introduction to the Wide World of CRISPR

Addgene, possibly the largest platform for CRISPR plasmids, libraries, and resources for researchers shines light on this amazing new technology. Here, they give a brief intro on how you can use CRISPR and will direct you to some additional useful resources available at Addgene. What is CRISPR? CRISPR stands for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic […]

Next Gen Seqencing Helix

The Rise of CRISPR Based Startups

CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology seems to be the only thing that everyone is talking about nowadays and maybe the only thing researchers want to work on. Ever since its discovery in 2012, it has shaken the world of research and astonished researchers and everyone alike with the dream of eradicating any disease at the genetic […]