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Grail Hits Unicorn Status with $1 Billion Capital for Blood Cancer Test

Illumina owned startup, Grail has announced that it is in the process of raising more than $1 billion in venture capital to invest in its cancer detection test and it split from its parent company. If Grail succeeds in raising $1 billion in its second round of financing, this would for the first time put a […]


Researchers Develop Chemo-Magnetic Controlled Self Propelled Microbots

Nature has created a variety of sophisticated ATP-powered motor proteins which converts chemical energy into mechanical work and plays essential role in cellular transport and motility. The existence of efficient biological motors in nature has inspired scientists to design chemically-powered synthetic motors. These self-propelled nano and micromachines have been designed to operate in locally-supplied chemical […]


A Scizzle’ing Web App that Helps With Your Research Papers

In any research, literature search and review forms an integral part, it is time consuming too. And the fact that there are over 1.5  million research papers published each year worldwide* which on an average is close to 3 new papers a minute, makes it really hard for researchers to keep track of all the […]

3D printing

3D Bioprinting – Genesis and Beyond

3-D printers work in the similar way as inkjet printers do. It utilizes digital data to deposit a desired material, instead of ink in successive layers along with a UV laser solidifying photopolymer. The discovery of 3-D printing in 1984 was brought about by the invention of inkjet printers, when Charles Hull, later the co-founder […]

Scanning Tunnel Electron Holography Microscope

World’s Most Powerful Microscope Begins Peeping into the Unknown

A newly installed seven ton microscope unveiled at the University of Victoria takes the title of the world’s most powerful microscope from its American counterpart. The one of its kind Scanning Transmission Electron Holography Microscope (STEHM) has a resolution of 35 picometers, more powerful than the microscope at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory with a resolution […]

Micro-mixer Challenge Open for Brainstorming on Marblar

SIMTech along with Marblar invites people to display their marbles by brainstorming for their new Micro-mixer Challenge. SIMTech has developed a new Micro-mixer for microfluidic applications that vibrates to mix the fluid streams in microchannels. By doing so, it transforms laminar flow to oscillatory flow leading to efficient mixing of two fluids to provide ideal […]

Personal Genomics for Prophylaxis: Still a Long Way to Go

Personal Genomics is very common these days with thousands of people spitting and shipping back the kits ordered from the genetic testing firms where these samples are processed, analyzed and complete reports highlighting the findings are delivered to customers. The field of genetic testing has undergone drastic changes, starting with the Human Genome Project that […]