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Size Exclusion Chromatography Tips and Tricks

Size exclusion chromatography (SEC) is a technique that allows to perform molecular separation by size. Some common SEC applications are protein purification, protein-protein interaction assays, the analysis of protein aggregation processes and protein stability studies. Inger Salomonsson from GE Healthcare presented at Analytica very useful tips and tricks to improve SEC performance. First, the system configuration must […]

Thermo Scientific Launches a Four-Channel HPLC

Thermo Scientific has released the Prelude LX-4 MD HPLC, a class I medical device for general clinical use. The four-channel HPLC allows four separations in a single instrument. The parallel processing streamlines LC-MS workflows and reduces idle time of a mass spectrometer. Another advantage is the increase in bench space, as one device is now enough to […]

Source: Waters Corporation

Waters Bridges HPLC & UPLC Gap with New Acquity Arc Systems

Waters Corporation is giving researchers divided between HPLC and UPLC a single system that combines both of these in one platform with the newly introduced Waters ACQUITY Arc system. ACQUITY Arc system is the newest addition to the award winning ACQUITY family from Waters Corporation that further broadens its use case. It is a quaternary […]

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Agilent and Shimazu Support Each Others GC Systems

Agilent Technologies and Shimadzu Corp are announcing the release of RapidControl.NET GC Instrument control drivers for their respective Gas Chromatography Data Systems. Announced last year in May with the aim to preserving customer investments, Agilent and Shimadzu are taking huge steps towards opening their respective systems. Agilent’s OpenLAB CDS will now support Shimadzu’s GC-2010, GC-2010 Plus […]