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Review: The Surplus of Postdocs

An alarming number of postdocs are facing trouble in finding stable positions in academia and industry. Although this problem isn’t something new and has been going on already for several decades now, its current state is a real concern among researchers, with no solutions in sight in the short term. In this article we will […]

lab wars board game

Lab Wars, the Card Game Inspired by Research

A postdoc from the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge and a clinical psychologist from the University of Hertfordshire have conceived a card game based on life in a research laboratory. With the game, the authors want to bring the general public closer to the reality of being a scientist, focusing on the competitive and human aspects of this professional career. […]

Decline of Basic Science Papers in Medical Journals

Researchers from St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto have published a meta-research paper where they state the worrying decline in the number of basic research articles in peer-reviewed specialty medical journals in the last 20 years. The decrease is expected to affect physicians’ interest in and understanding of molecular mechanisms that explain diseases and allow finding treatments. Basic […]


Foldscope: A Paper Microscope that Costs $1

A team of researchers from Stanford University has developed a paper microscope that costs one dollar. Foldscope is printed in a sheet of paper and is folded into a functional shape, in a process akin to origami. The device can be easily mass-produced and is aimed to democratize science education and to provide a diagnostic tool […]

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EMBO Announces Lab Management and Negociation Course for Females

The European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) has announced the celebration of a laboratory management course for females, focused on interpersonal aspects like communication abilities and negociation. These EMBO courses aim to boost self-confidence and self-awareness in females with leadership roles. The course will take place from 8 to 10 June 2016 in Leimen, near Heidelberg, Germany. The […]

From Russia with Love… for Science

Labcritics presents a lengthy interview with Elizaveta Katorcha, a Russian scientist working in the US. The structural biologist and X-ray spectroscopist talks about her love for biology since she was a child, her interest for systems and logic, soviet-style education, her hunger for knowledge, her role models and much more. Read the wise words of this […]

Machine Learning is Now Closer to Human Learning

Researchers from the Massachussets Institute of Technology, University of Toronto and New York University have developed an algorithm that allows machines to learn like humans, in a faster and more creative way. The computers were able to recognize and reproduce visual concepts from just a few examples. The findings were published in the journal Science. Machines can […]

Cancer-related DNA Replication During Mitosis

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen have discovered that some parts of the genome don´t replicate during S-phase, but only after entering mitosis. The genomic sites prone to replicate during cell division are called common fragile sites (CFSs), and experiment difficulties to replicate on time due to cancer-related replication stress. The finding, published in Nature, […]