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Teresa Tarragó: “Crowdfunding is a Source of Financing for Early Stage Biotechs”

Labcritics was at Iproteos’ facilities talking to Teresa Tarragó, CEO and co-founder of this innovative company. Iproteos combines computational chemistry with modern synthesis methods to generate peptidomimetics with pharmacological activity against diseases such as schizophrenia. We had the opportunity to know about the possibilities of crowdfunding for biotech projects and the technology used in their laboratory. […]

CROWDACURE: Crowdfunding Platform For Rare Diseases

A new website is trying to do what kickstarter has done for hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world in terms of gaining support for idea stage ventures. Crowdacure is helping researchers raise funds for “hard to fund” medical research. The hard to fund medical areas include tropical diseases, rare diseases and even common yet ignored […]

Quick Lab Start Edition

Bento Lab: DNA Laboratory for Your Backpack

A new Kickstarter campaign has just gone live with the aim of manufacturing a laptop sized DNA lab that includes three quintessential tools necessary for DNA research. Initiated way back in 2013, the founders of Bento Lab seek to create a single tool which makes DNA research simple and quick. Bento Lab DNA lab consists of […]


Crowdfunding Campaign to Fund DIY CRISPR Gene Editing

A DIY enthusiast and postdoctoral researcher from NASA is successfully spearheading a crowdfunding campaign to bring 2015’s hottest gene editing technology the CRISPR to every garage based wet-lab scientist. Frankly, it was only a matter of time before some biohacker made a CRISPR gene editing kit for DIY research into gene editing, with all the […]

High Res 3D Bioprinting Startup Looks for Investors

Poietis has launched a crowdfunding campaign on the WiSEED platform. The company plans to provide on-demand fabrication of human-tissues. 3D bioprints will have applications in research as predictive models for pharma and cosmetics industries. Other uses are personalized therapies (companion diagnostic and patient stratification) and regenerative medicine (clinical custom tissue grafts). 3D bioprinting constructs biological entities by dispensing cells […]

Scientific Articles Will Be Visually Disseminated by an Infographics Journal

A science blogger is seeking funds on to launch the first infographics journal called Draw Science.  The journal aims to transforms research articles into concise, understandable pictures that are easy on the eyes. A journal such as this can help to break the communication barrier between scientists and the general public. Viputheshwar Sitaraman is the founder of […]

real-time PCR

Low-Cost Crowdfunded PCRs Let Non-Scientists Peek Into DNA

Two new Kickstarter projects are looking to provide low cost PCRs to citizen scientists hoping to peek into their own DNA. Mini PCR and Open qPCR, are currently seeking funding to give DIY scientists the basic genomics research tool. While Open qPCR is aiming at garage scientists with its $1300 Real-Time PCR Thermocycler, miniPCR is aiming […]

OpenTrons Liquid Handling

OpenTrons: Open-Sourced Liquid Handling for Wet-Labs

An open-source project is seeking funding on Kickstarter to build a low cost liquid handling robot for small, medium and garage sized laboratories. The project called OpenTrons seeks to create a cheap and easy-to-use liquid handling robot called OT.One that pipettes small amount of liquids faster and without error. Liquid handling in one of the most common […]