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AB SCIEX & Illumina Create a Multi-Omics Environment

AB SCIEX and Illumina are announcing OneOmics: a combination of Next Generation Proteomics (NGP) and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in existing cloud-computing environment. “The integration of proteomic and genomic data analysis through a partnership with AB SCIEX and Illumina is an exciting collaboration that will bring democratization of computational efforts, general access and standardization of data […]


A Scizzle’ing Web App that Helps With Your Research Papers

In any research, literature search and review forms an integral part, it is time consuming too. And the fact that there are over 1.5  million research papers published each year worldwide* which on an average is close to 3 new papers a minute, makes it really hard for researchers to keep track of all the […]

GeneCards Database

Latest Version of GeneCards Database now Available

LifeMap Sciences Inc., a biomedical knowledgebase company has released the latest version of its GeneCards database. The new GeneCards Ver 3.11 with multiple additional features offers comprehensive information on all human genes, which is accessed by professionals from various education and commercial institutions, patent offices and research hospitals across the globe to understand the gene-related […]

Software for Scientists

Benchling: Github for Geneticists

Software developers have long enjoyed the ability to work together on a single project without having to go through the hurdle of sharing codes after each change they make. In fact, it was this ability that lead to open source revolution in software. In comparison to this, softwares for geneticists have so far been stuck […]

Apple and google store apps

A List of all Available Apps for Researchers and Academics

A healthy number of smartphone and tablet apps meant specifically for scientists and academics are available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. However, these get lost among the 2 million or so collective apps currently available. To aid discoverability of these apps, we are bringing you a comprehensive list of all available apps […]

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Open Microscopy App: Unifying Biological Image Data

High resolution images are ubiquitous in biological research, making the process of analyzing, saving, sharing and publishing them pivotal to research. Images promote scientific integrity, prevent duplication of effort and they help to disseminate scientific discovery. One organization is leading the fight to simplify biological image management and has been instrumental in creating a single, […]

Real time qPCR

Startup Seeks to Bring DNA Diagnostics to Smartphones

A startup based in Philadelphia, PA is aiming to replace expensive and complicated DNA diagnostic equipment with an easy to use smartphone controlled setup that performs real-time qPCR. Biomeme’s CEO unveiled their ambitious plans at DreamIt Health, though the company did not show off any working prototypes. The company aims to provide medical professionals the ability […]

Own an Android Device? You can be a Part of Groundbreaking Research

Do you wish to be a part of a scientific project working on developing a cure for AIDS? And no, you don’t have to worry about your lack of credentials or expertise in the relevant field, or the lack of time to contribute for that matter. All you need is an Android smartphone with the […]