BioTek Releases the BioSpa 8 Automated Incubator

Bio Spa8, incubatorBioTek, the leader company in microplate instrumentation and software, has released the BioSpa 8 automated incubator. The Bio Spa 8 allows for unattended workflow automation by connecting instruments like microplate dispensers and imaging systems.

BioSpa 8 features

The BioSpa 8 can automate workflow for 8 microplates. A robotic arm moves the plates between BioSpa 8’s drawers and the other devices. The incubator controls and monitors humidity, temperature and CO2/O2 in real time, reducing the probability of assay loss. Environmental conditions are recorded for assay analysis. Its small size saves bench space in the lab, and allows to work inside the safety cabinet, where live cell assays can be performed in a controlled manner. The BioSpa 8 software can be coordinated with the software that controls the linked instruments to integrate all operations.

Common assays like ELISA, cell fixation and staining or week-long live-cell experiments can be automated with BioSpa 8.

Source: BioTek