Biotage ISOLUTE PLD+ for Cleaning Up Blood Based Matrix Samples

ISOLUTE PLD+It is always a pain to analyse blood based matrix samples using LC-MS/MS as the plasma proteins and phospholipids in sample causes ion suppression. Biotage has come with a solution for this issue by launching a protein and phospholipid removal plate, ISOLUTE PLD+ for clean-up of such samples.

The new ISOLUTE PLD+ offers a very simple and effective sample clean-up for LC-MS/MS analysis in a single product. These plates have a scavenging sorbent layer that removes phospholipids during the filtration step. These plates, available in standard SBS/ANSI 96 well plate format are capable of processing sample volumes of 100 to 200 microliters and they can remove more than 99 percent of plasma proteins and phospholipids.

Removal of phospholipids prevents it from building up in the analytical column, thereby increasing its life and maintaining analyte sensitivity over extended analytical runs. This results in cleaner extracts and increased signal to noise ratio and sensitivity for a wide range of analytes. Biotage ISOLUTE PLD+ can be easily integrated into the routine workflow in no time without any method development and the purified samples can be analysed directly without any further processing. These ISOLUTE PLD+ plates are compatible with positive pressure manifolds, vacuum manifolds and also automated liquid handling systems that can handle 96 well format.

Source: Biotage

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