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Microsaic Systems Shrinks Mass Spectrometry Using MEMS

Microsaic Systems announced the launch of the advanced 4000 MiD™ Mass Spectrometer at the recently concluded Pittcon 2014 Conference in Chicago.  By integrating key MS technologies into MEMS chip technology, it is possibly the smallest and the most advanced MS device until now. This breakthrough allows use of MS in any laboratory setting, thanks to […]

Editing Genomes without antibiotic selection

New Technique Boosts Researchers’ Ability to Edit Genomes

Researchers from the Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease and the University of California in San Francisco have recently found a quicker way to boost the introduction and/or identification of rare mutations in the human genome without compromising its integrity. Bruce Conklin and coworkers describe their findings in Nature Methods. The new technique allows induction or […]