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Andreessen Horowitz Launches BioFund III

Andreessen Horowitz’s led a16z fund has announced a new $750M bio fund: Bio Fund III focusing on engineering and biology based companies involved in R&D. Driven by Vineeta Agarwala, Jorge Conde, Vijay Pande, and Julie Yoo, the fund is redefining what bio means. Now under BioFund III all Tech, biotech, and healthcare systems are being merging and treated […]

Blockchain Reality Sets in on DNA Sequencing Startups

With the falling value of cryptocurrency, startups which promised to utilize the power of blockchain have fast disappeared. No longer are many of the companies giving importance to the use of blockchain or in even some cases completely removed the reference to crypto from their websites. Wearing off of the global crypto-flu has suddenly made […]

Illumina Launches its Cheapest Full Sequencer for No One

Illumina announced the release of its sub $20,000 desktop sequencer aimed at diagnostic labs at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference last week. The iSeq 100 designed with an new 2-Dye preparation technology that speeds up preparation time. While the cost and speed of sample preparation are a major upgrades, these upgrades are not a huge […]


Humans Found to Hold Immunity to CRISPR-Cas9

CRISPR-Cas9, the 21st Century’s most promising genetic modification tool has shown to be unusable in humans, thanks to adaptive immunity already present in human beings. In a pre-print paper published by researchers at Stanford University, more than 65 percent of human subjects had antibodies that would fight Cas9 proteins propagation in human beings. More specifically 79% […]

Nanopore Achieves One Million Base Pair Sequencing

Researchers at Garvan Institute in Sydney, Australia announced a million base pair DNA read on MinION Nanopore, bringing the USB sized sequencers closer to Illumina’s MiSeq desktop sequencers.   The researchers led by Martin A Smith, Ph.D., the head of genomic technologies in the Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics, used incredibly precise preparation techniques and blunt pipette […]

Viome gut bacteria

IBM Watson Gets Curious About Gut Microbiome, Goes Digging w/ Viome

  Gut microbiome seems to have become the new mystery of the human body after genetic code to pique the interest of biotech researchers as well as motivated billionaires. Viome, a microbiome focused startup founded by billionaire Naveen Jain has partnered with IBM Watson to apply Machine-learning to the area of gut microbiome. Viome just didn’t […]

LabWorm: Discover Latest LabTools in One Place

LabWorm is a new website highlighting new and existing tools meant for researchers on a daily and weekly basis. The site is similar to ProductHunt, a website that highlights viral products and services, but with a focus primarily on tools meant for researchers. LabWorm has already garnered praise from its users for helping them discover […]

Illumina Achieves Many Firsts With the NovaSeq Sequencer

Illumina, the leader in genome sequencing has announced its newest model of gene sequencer that costs under a million dollars, and is able to sequence entire human genome in one day at a cost of under $100 (allegedly). Illumina announced NovaSeq at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, successor to the highly successful HiSeq. […]