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Scientists Print Microscopic 3D Cages to Study Bacterial Interactions

Scientists from The University of Texas at Austin have employed a new laser-based 3-D printing method to construct microscopic structures to investigate bacterial interactions that results in infections and drug resistance. The structures, like cages or homes can be of any shape or size and are built around the bacteria in gelatin. The resulting enclosures […]

Berthold Technologies Launches New Mithras2 Monochromator Multimode Reader

Berthold Technologies has introduced the advanced Mithras2 LB943 Monochromator Multimode Reader, a high-end monochromator-based microplate multimode reader with enhanced versatility. In addition to its renowned sensitivity, Mithras2 LB943 employs two double monochromators to provide flexible excitation and emission wavelengths in 1 nm increments and exceptional performance with variable bandwidths (6 – 22 nm) as well […]